3 Quarantine Habits to Quit & 3 to Start Instead

Anna C Johnson
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

As the first year of quarantine and shutdowns wraps up and another is set to begin — it’s a great time to note three bad habits to kick and three better ones to start.

Habit #1 — Not Being Active

Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to fall into a routine that includes too much Netflix and not enough activity. We might not be able to enjoy going to the gym or yoga studio like we used to, and it can be hard to get excited about new ways to be active at home.

Be Sneaky. Get yourself back into the habit of being active by sneaking activity in throughout your day. Do squats while you brush your teeth, lunges across the room every hour on the hour, push-ups while you cook, etc. As long as you’re getting active, it’s a step in the right direction.

Habit #2 — Drinking/Snacking

If you’re working from home, you might snack more than you used to when you would commute to an office. It’s pretty easy to grab a snack along with a coffee refill from your own kitchen or to grab an extra snack before starting your next task.

Follow a Schedule. Getting your meals and snacks back on a schedule will help you feel more consistent energy throughout the day, may even out your metabolism, and can also help limit any extra junk or snack foods. The same goes for drinking water. Having an extra glass of water before meals will help you get and stay hydrated.

Habit #3 — Every Day is Blah

Your mindset is everything. Falling into a cyclical, mundane routine can negatively impact your mood, your performance, and your outlook. While you might not have the motivation to completely change your routine or thinking overnight, there are a few minor changes that will help you beat the work from home blues.

Have some fun. Whether it’s calling a friend every day just to chat, trying out an adult coloring book, creating a few playlists to spice up your day, having an at-home spa day, or creating a full-out movie night complete with popcorn and comfy couch set up — get creative!

As we move into the next few months of 2021, take a few minutes to reflect on habits that need change, and make sure to give yourself credit for the positive habits you‘ve established.



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