Improve your Mindset in 3…2…1…

Anna C Johnson
3 min readFeb 15, 2021

3. Write Down THREE Things You Are Thankful For

Take 5 minutes to think about what you are thankful for: friends, family, employment, pets, hobbies… whatever makes you feel a little lighter and maybe even brings a smile to your face. Write down the top three things you are thankful for right now.

WHY: As the saying goes, what you focus on expands. Not only is this sage advice, but it’s also backed by science. Expressing gratitude has so many benefits: better sleep, improved relationships, reduction in depression and anxiety, and even rewiring our brains for the better (a type of neuroplasticity).

GO FURTHER: Take this a step further to reap additional benefits by making this a daily habit. You’ll rewire your brain towards being mindfully grateful every day. Set an alarm, make it part of your daily routine, whatever works for you as long as you are concentrating on what you are thankful for.

2. Write Down TWO Compliments About Yourself

For a moment, think about what you appreciate about yourself today — whether it’s something small like changing out of your pajamas, or big like finishing a work project or something you’ve been putting off. Write down two compliments about yourself. If you’re having a hard time, think about what a friend or coworker might compliment you on today, and go from there.

WHY: Complimenting yourself is a form of self-compassion. Being kind to yourself is backed by science and can lower your heart rate, reduce your ‘threat’ level, and allow yourself to be in a mental state of safety and relaxation. In this relaxed state, your body is better able to regenerate and heal.

GO FURTHER: If this exercise felt good or made you smile, try making it part of your daily routine. It will build your self-confidence and could also improve your entire day!

1. Make a 1–2–3 List

Already feeling overwhelmed by the things you need to finish today, or woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Make a 1–2–3 list for the day so you have a roadmap that ends with you feeling satisfied. This list will descend in importance and help you finish your day with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

1- List one big thing that is most important for you to do/complete today. This might be something you’re really looking forward to or really dreading, but either way, you know it needs to get done.

2-List two things that you should get done today.

3-List three smaller things that you would like to get done today.

WHY: Unfinished tasks or tasks we dread distract us and can keep us from performing well during the day. Even simply making a list of those tasks can free us from the anxiety they cause us and allow us to have a better day.



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